Veolia Make Investment to Recycle

Veolia UK have acquired assests in London and believes it could unlock a complete supply chain for manufacturing plastic bottles from recycled material.

A staggering 13 billion soft drinks, milk and water bottles are wasted each year which has led to an increase in global environmental costs.

The move will allow the resource management company to offer a complete range of services by collecting waste plastic bottles directly from people’s homes and businesses across the country.

Following all the necessary recycling steps, they will get it back to food grade pellets that will be ready to be blown into new plastic milk bottles.

The new scheme is set to produce around 10,000 tonnes of the high density polethylene annually and will require 75% less energy to make a plastic bottle.

Senior Executive Vice President of Veolia, Estelle Brachlianoff said: “It’s a great opportunity to work with plastic recycling facility to turn HDPE (High Density Polethylene) milk bottles back into bottles.”


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