Rayda Plastics manufacture bespoke products to either the customer's specification or can design a product for a specific purpose. We then custom design our extrusion processes to suit, and both design and manufacture some of our ancillary equipment in house.  

We do not generally keep stock products or take small orders but specialise in larger repeat orders and do hold large stocks of these repeat order products for these customers.


Is a process by which plastics and other materials are pushed (extruded) through dies to create the shape required. It is a continuous process and is used to create products such as pipe, tubes and profiles. Typical extrusion profiles would be window frames, curtain rail and guttering. All of these products can be produced in almost any length with limitations being the length of the production facility and transportation methods for the finished product.


~ An efficient and fast way to create a continuous shape in various lengths.

~ This process can create complex shapes from a very wide range of materials.

~ The tooling to manufacture the required shape is considerably cheaper than most other plastic manufacturing methods.


Is where two or more extrusion machines are used to feed a single die head. This can be where multiple layers of materials are used within the same product and is often used for cost effectiveness in a pipe by using second generation material for the bulk of the pipe covered with a thin layer of first generation material for an attractive surface appearance. It can also be used to have two different rigidity plastics on the same extrusion, such as a rigid section for strength and then a small flexible skirt such as a seal and also where multiple colours such as stripes are required.


Plastic Extrusions of both tubes and profiles can be manufactured to various states of rigidity and shore hardness depending upon the end application. We can coil or cut to length flexible tubes or pipes.