A Very Plastic Christmas

plastic extrusion at christmas

It’s that time of the year again, we spend our weekends out and about getting those last minute presents to give to our loved ones on the 25th December. We find some fantastic gifts that we just can’t wait to hand over.  Have you ever stopped to think that we can be thankful to the process of plastic extrusion using the plastic materials in order to produce many of the top gifts around this time of year?

Here we take a look at some popular items that we wouldn’t have each Christmas if it wasn’t for plastic:

  • Children’s toys – they come in a variety of wonderful shapes, sizes and colour, many of which are made of plastic.
  • Artificial Christmas Trees – Many of us reuse our Christmas trees year in year out. Again, we can be thankful for plastic for this. Having a plastic tree saves us money each year, we don’t have to go and fork out for a new tree, we can simply reuse the one we already have allowing us to spend our money on those all important Christmas gifts.
  • Plastic containers – Take a look at the packaging that surrounds your Christmas food. No doubt your food is surrounded by plastic. Got leftovers at Christmas dinner? I bet you save your left overs and put them in a plastic container and pop them in the fridge.
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