Advantages Of Plastic Extrusion

There are several reasons why plastic extrusion offers an efficient, economical and practical method for producing your plastic products:

  • The extrusion process is fast and efficient at producing continuous shapes in varying lengths. Products can be produced in large volumes, and there is minimal wastage.
  • Complex shapes can be produced with varying thickness, textures, colours etc. With the sophisticated machinery we use, there is a wide scope of shapes and sizes possible.
  • Various additives can be used to improve the products properties, durability, fire resistance and also to reduce friction or static.
  • Plastic extrusion tooling is normally considerably cheaper than tooling for other plastic manufacturing methods.
  • Co extrusion is also possible where two or more machines are used to feed a single die head, often useful where multiple layers of different materials are required for use in the product. It can also be used to add a top layer for improving the products appearance whilst keeping costs down with a cheaper material at the core of the product.
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