An Introduction To Plastic Processes

The manufacturing process of plastic products will be dependent upon the plastic product that is desired. For example, different tooling and other variable factors influence which plastic manufacturing process is most suited.

Here is a brief summary of some of the most popular plastic manufacturing processes commonly used.

*Please bear in mind that at Rayda Plastics we specialise in plastic extrusion and are plastic extrusion manufacturers.*

Blow Moulding – Air is blown into a ready formed tube, which then expands and creates cavities. This process is commonly used to produce bottles.

Extrusion – Materials are pushed through dies to create a variety of profiles including tubes and pipes and other goods such as window frames, curtain rail and guttering.

Injection Moulding – A metal mould is often created and then plastic is then injected into the mould to create the desired shape. This plastic process is often used to create shapes that have a lot of detail, for example, lego, cutlery and so on.

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