CEFLEX to Provide Solutions for Circular Economy

CEFLEX is a project where a number of European associations are working collaboratively to increase the relevance of flexible packaging, which is packaging produced from materials such as paper, plastic, film and aluminium foil. By doing so, they can generate solutions for a circular economy.

A circular economy is a continuous cycle that aims to give us as much use out of materials as possible. It follows the make, use, dispose cycle which can be constantly looped, provided there are adequate recycling opportunities available.

There are 34 stakeholders within CEFLEX that represent the entire chain of flexible packaging. Each stage of the chain is listed below:

  • Raw Materials Suppliers
  • Packaging Converters
  • Brand Owners and Retailers
  • Producer Responsibility Organisations
  • Collectors, Sorters and Recyclers
  • Other Technology Suppliers
  • End Users of the Products

Some of the more typically well-known CEFLEX stakeholders include: Nestlé, P&G, Unilever, Bosch, Borealis and Henkel.

The objectives of CEFLEX are to prevent waste and to be more resource efficient, each of which will have a positive impact on both the economy and the environment. CEFLEX aims to create an infrastructure for collection, sorting and re-processing by 2025, and would like to promote the significance of the value flexible packaging in the circular economy by 2020. With all 34 associations working together, these goals are not unrealistic provided they have the necessary funding required.

For more information about CEFLEX, please click here to visit the website.

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