Discussing Bio Plastics – Developments In The Plastic Industry

You will have noticed that within our blog we like to identify the positive developments that are taking place within the plastic industry and particularly those that will help protect our environment. Bio plastics are created from renewable biomass sources such as vegetable fats, sugar cane, starch or microbiota, straw or cotton. It is thought that by being able to produce plastics from these sources that the plastic industry will be able to move away from using limited fossil resources.

Some of the benefits of using bio plastic includes:

  • The components used to create bio plastics are more cost effective – cheaper than oil
  • Reduced carbon footprint during their production
  • The material can be recycled into other products again
  • Non toxic
  • Biodegrade much faster
  • Require less energy to produce
  • Less landfill area needed as they can be absorbed by the soil

Bio plastics are used in a majority of products such as food packaging yet can also be used to produce electrical housing.

Due to the benefits that bio plastics present it is thought that the bio plastics industry is growing at least 20% a year.



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