Expanded Polystyrene – A Place In Building Development?

Polystyrene is a popular plastic that is commonly used for a variety of purposes. It is often used for protective packaging, for example, you will likely see DVD Cases, bottles and disposable cutlery made from polystyrene.

However, recently polystyrene is also being introduced for new uses, some of which are proving to be very fascinating. This has involved the usage of expanded polystyrene; a rigid plastic commonly used in plastic extrusion and molding processes to create desired shapes.

Amazingly, a recent project that was funded by Coppice Primary School has harnessed the use of expanded polystyrene to produce a building system that has created a number of classrooms that the school are able to use to teach and educate their students. This two story multi purpose building took just 13 weeks and was built by 4 builders.

What a fantastic development in the plastic world!

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