Plastic Extrusion at Rayda – What We Do Best

At Rayda Plastics we have a knowledgeable and well-established team who are able to be flexible and provide innovative, creative advice to our customers for a wide range of plastic extrusions. Our expert team is understanding and considerate and strives to manufacture products that meet the needs of our clients as closely as possible.

By creating bespoke designs, we can fulfil specific client briefs or we can create products that have a specific purpose, always ensuring that our clients are receiving the products that closely fit their requirements. Like the design, the manufacturing processes for each project are tailored specifically to the requests of the customer. Our attention to quality control and maintaining a high level of communication with our customers, are the reasons for the fantastic results that we achieve on our annual customer surveys.

We specialise in producing large bespoke orders for our customers at Rayda Plastics, and we will also produce repeat bulk orders for our customers, should they require it.

We offer a range of products from tubes and piping, to extrusion profiles. We provide a variety of colours, which can be expertly colour matched, as well as providing a range of varying rigidity levels for each of our products which allows for further customisation of each product.

We also have a plastic printing service which can give the products we manufacture a clean and finished design.

If you have any questions regarding plastic extrusion, please contact Rayda Plastics today.

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