Factors To Consider For Your Plastic Extrusion

At Rayda Plastics we have been extruding plastics since 1979, and are certainly experts when it comes to custom plastic extrusion. We work with a variety of clients from, Utilities and Construction, to food, farming and fishing. We are continually expanding.

It is important to us that the finished extruded product is the best it possibly can be and therefore, when discussing your custom plastic extrusion there are certain factors that will need to be considered in the design process in order to ensure that the finished plastic extruded profile is fit for purpose.  These factors will need to be considered in your design:

Wall Balance – So that the material can flow equally throughout, the wall thickness needs to be similar at all points. This will also allow the material to cool at a similar rate. If you had one area that had a greater thickness, its cooling period would be different causing the extrusion to bend.

Radius – to reduce the chance of cracking in corners, the radius will need to be as large as possible.

Simple Hollow Section – The inside of any extrusion should be kept basic and simple, as it becomes harder to control what happens within the extrusion, during the cooling process.

Mating Parts – During the design it is also important to know what other parts the plastic profile will be working with to ensure that they will fit together.

At Rayda, we recognise the importance of working closely with all of our clients and we look forward to working with you too!

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