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This blog is something a little different from our usual posts, but we thought it was time to let you in on our family-run firm so that you can learn a little bit more about Rayda Plastics.

Our Premises

Rayda Plastics was founded in 1976 by Ray Vincent and has been continually growing ever since. Our first home was a 2,500 sq ft unit, from which we supplied the local Devon area with our products, mainly used in the agriculture and fishing industry.

In 2005, our home doubled in size when we expanded into a second unit; this was also when we started to provide our products to more industries, such as food and building.

Our final move was in 2010 when we moved into our much larger and current home; this is a 10,000 sq ft factory on our 18,000 sq ft of land.

Throughout all of these moves, we have focused on providing the best service to our long-standing clients as well as our new customers. Expanding has allowed us to do this even more.

The Team

The company has been run by Richard, since 2000 when he took over from his father, Ray.

His mother, Dafila Vincent, still works for Rayda at 84 years old! Although she is no longer a director, she was one of the key people who has helped to mould Rayda into what it is today.

Our long-established team is made up of 7 industry experts with over 90 years of direct extrusion experience. They all work to continually improve our client’s product line.

Our Products

As of this moment in time, our best selling product is our Red ABS Fire Pipe, which you can view here. This is a crucial product for many safety products.

Our first ever product was a Rope Light. This was the transparent plastic tube which held all the lights inside for Discos in the old days.

We were also the first company to make the Plastic tubes for the Star Wars Light Saber toys, back in the 1970s.

Our founder, Ray Vincent, invented the flexible fencing stake (plastic fence post) back in the early 1980s and these are still in use on farms today.

The Things You May Not Know About Rayda

As a company, we are proudest of our customer and staff retention, but also the customer satisfaction reviews we receive annually – they’re all 100% positive!

Our family firm started as just a family business, and it has stayed this way – we have no outside investors, everything has stayed within our company.

We produce 15 tonnes of plastic products all sustainable and recyclable!

We hope you enjoyed learning a little bit more about our company.

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