High Impact Polystyrene And Its Uses

High impact polystyrene, also commonly known as HIPS or high impact plastic, is becoming a popular choice of material due to it’s beneficial properties and it’s ability to be used for a variety of applications.┬áHere we recognise some of the advantageous properties that are making it such a favourable material.

Advantages of HIP

– Cost effective, reasonably cheap to produce in comparison with other plastic materials
– It is very tough, with high impact strength making it ideal for product casings and kick plates where the products are likely to need some resistance to contact.
– Versatile, it is very suitable for thermoforming, meaning a variety of shapes can be produced into which a large number of different products can be created.
– Can be produced into a variety of colours
– FDA compliant which permits its use in the food industry

What type of products are often produced using High Impact Polystyrene?

– Toys
– Retail Displays
– Kick plates
– Kitchen Utensils
– Signs

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