How Plastics Contribute Towards A Sustainable Future

Environmental sustainability continues to grow in importance as we enter an age in which the need to protect the environment has come as a prerequisite to any human development. For the purpose of this blog entry we shall address the role that plastics can play in assisting with and maintaining environment sustainability.

Here are a select few examples of how plastics are sustainable and have great energy saving properties:

Oil, energy and emissions – Less than 5% of the worlds oil production is used for plastics with considerably less energy used in its production than alternative materials. Plastics are hard wearing and lightweight, producing less friction in moving parts and providing better fuel economy and less emissions in aircraft, cars and numerous other applications.

The reduction of waste – Plastics prolong the life and reduce waste of food by acting as a sealant, with food waste being some 40% less in developed countries with a high usage of plastic packaging. It also possesses other superior qualities over other packaging products as it is compact and recyclable.

Recyclable – Virtually all plastic waste can be reused. It can be chipped up or melted down and put back into the production process to create new products. At Rayda Plastics we reuse all of our own waste material.

Construction and building – Plastic is a great material for insulation which provides energy saving on a large scale. It is also very cost effective when applied in the construction industry, increasing the sustainability of the product. A material cannot be regarded as truly sustainable if cost prevents the mass use of it.

Wastage and Transportation – Plastic products can be made extremely tough and rigid, replacing many other materials that have been traditionally used for a large number of applications. The tough but lightweight qualities of plastics will usually mean that there is less wastage in breakages and less energy and fuel used in its transportation from manufacturer to operation.

Boosts economy– There are a large number of plastic producers, manufacturers, recycling companies etc.. in the UK. The plastic industry offers huge employment opportunities and great potential in research in a huge number of differing areas and an increase in general education. Plastics make a very sizeable contribution to the UK economy and it is generally recognised that any country needs a healthy manufacturing sector to have a healthy economy and a sustainable future

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