Industries In Which Plastic Extrusion Is Useful

Believe it or not the process of plastic extrusion is fundamental to the smooth running of a variety of businesses/ industries. Plastics and other materials are pushed through an extrusion machine cut to desired shapes creating bespoke plastic products that can be used in a huge variety of instances. This blog entry highlights a selection of industries and example in which the plastic extrusion process is likely to have been used.

Electrical – Plastic coloured tubing created in a variety of colours to protect wires and help engineers distinguish different wires.

Medical – Test tubes and other plastic medical products are commonly produced by the process of extrusion

Packaging – Creating plastic bags, labels and other products used to transport goods.

Toys – Many children are lucky enough to play with a scalextrics, the plastic toy track in which you drive cars around, again this is down to the plastic extrusion process.

Automotive – Extrusion is commonly used to create a variety of seals including sunroof seals, door seals, roof seals

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