Introduction of the plastic five pound note

You might have remembered that about a year ago we mentioned that the plastic five pound notes were planned to be introduced into our currency due to their durability prospects.

Well that time has come! As of September 13th 2016 we will see plastic five pound notes begin to be circulated in England and Wales. The new Polymer note promises greater durability and will be cleaner, safer and stronger. If you are hoping to get your hands on one of these plastic notes featuring Winston Churchill on the back you might have to wait up to a week and might have to ask your Bank for one.

Some new facts about the new five pound note:

Expected life expectancy five years rather than two years.

It will be harder to counterfeit.

Will survive a spin in the washing machine.

More resistible to moisture and dirt.

This is absolutely great news for the plastics industry as the benefits of plastic extrusions become more evident influencing more and more people to investigate using plastic as their chosen material for a variety of goods.

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