K Resin to Be Introduced in Europe

Albis UK Ltd, the international distributor and compounder of plastic resins, have just acquired the rights to distribute K-Resin SBC. Albis have been distributing plastic compounds for many years and now K-Resin, with it’s host of outstanding characteristics some of which are listed below, will sit alongside their other compounds.

K Resin is a styrene-butadiene copolymer that is commonly used in injection moulding and of course the all important process of plastic extrusion.

Why K Resin?

K Resin has some favourable properties including;

Transparency – this plastic allows lights to pass through without the light looking scattered. This combined with the high gloss finish means K Resin looks great on the shelf, it is often glistening and eye catching.

Rigidity – the material even offers a great level of rigidity, even when for example it might be used for labelling it does not wrinkle and is therefore, favourable over other shrink sleeve film alternatives.

Yield advantage – due to its lower density, less material is needed to be used than for example, materials like PVC, as there is less material being used the product becomes more cost effective.

We can expect to see the K Resin become evident in plastics used across the packaging, medical, toys and display industries in Europe as it is already evident in food packaging, labelling films, shrink film and flooring systems in other areas of the world.

Could we see K Resin being used at Rayda Plastic?… Watch this space

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