Navtar Launches Microextruded Medical Tubing

Tekni-Plex company, Navtar announced the launch of their tight tolerance microextruded medical tubing earlier this year at the MD&M East, a MedTech event in New York. They have produced this tubing for use in neurovascular interventional therapies (working with nerves and blood vessels) and for use in various surgical applications. Navtar’s products are already used in medicine across the world for an array of treatments.

These newly developed microextruded tubes have been made from thermoplastics to make them more cost-effective than previous materials used, such as glass and fluoropolymers.

The walls of the tubes range from .003 to .005 inches in thickness, and all tubes fit well within the eye of a needle, making them small enough for intravenous therapy and other precision work.

In recent years, microextrusion has really been developed which allows for excellent advancements in both the medical and the plastic industries.

Find out more information about the launch and an image of the tubing on the Tekni-Plex website by clicking here.


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