PET Product Packaging Picking Up Pace

Encona have become the latest company to introduce new polyethylene terephthalate packing for their bottled sauces.

The new PET design will help the company (which is the UK’s number one for hot and spicy sauces) stand out among their competitors as the plastic design has allowed for more label space and makes it easier to use for the customer as well.

This is a great move by the company, as the plastic packaging means there will be less breakages, reduced transportation costs because of the lower weight and a far better customer experience using a squeezy bottle.

Elsewhere, M&H Plastics have developed a plastic shot glass that will be made available to all nightclubs and bars across Europe.

Made from PET, the plastic glass is unbreakable, easy to clean and can be recycled when it comes to the end of its life.

It has also been developed to aid a snap on cap and separator, enabling a filled retail product to be marketed.

It’s great news for the plastics sector as more and more companies are leaning towards plastic based packaging and designs across the globe.

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