Plastic Extrusion Around the Home at Christmas

Christmas Day is just around the corner. It’s that time of year with the Christmas decorations go up, the Christmas shopping is in full swing all in preparation for the big day. You probably don’t put much thought into it but there are some very clever processes that contribute to Christmas being such a success. Yes, we are talking about those Christmas decorations, those children’s toys and those plastic containers that store left over food from the Christmas Dinner.

A lot of the things you use and see over Christmas are produced by the process of plastic extrusion.

So whilst you are enjoying your Christmas festivities, here are some of the items you can look out for and impress your friends and family with the knowledge that they were likely produced by the process of plastic extrusion.

Artificial trees
Gift wrap
Presents such as bottles, sports equipment and more
Christmas decorations

At Rayda Plastic, although we are yet to extrude Christmas products we still like to highlight the versatility that plastic extrusion offers.

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