Plastic Extrusion Glossary

Plastic extrusion – The process where plastics and other materials are pushed through a die to create products such as pipes, tubes and profiles.

ISO Accredited – We take this accreditation very seriously and are audited by the British Board of Agrement every six months.

CO-extrude – Where two or more extrusion machines are used to create a single product.

Profiles – A plastic shape produced through the extrusion process.

Hot Melt Printers – Where a metal stamp is heated to embed the required markings/logo or date onto the product.

Inkjet printers – Special Ink is ejected onto the product at 55 mph and dry’s almost instantly to print the required markings onto the product.

PVC Flexible – A plasticiser is added to PVC making it more flexible so it can be used for different products.

Polypropylene – Produces products such as loudspeakers, food grade tubes and so on.

High and Low Density Polyethylene – Produces products such as Water pipe and packaging products.

ABS – This is widely used in cars and phones due to its good impact resistance.

High Impact Polystyrene – A type of plastic that is tough with good adhesive properties.

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