Plastic Extrusion In The Plumbing Industry

Firstly, let us clarify how the process of plastic extrusion works. In simple terms plastic granules are pushed through an extrusion die by an extrusion machine in order to create a desired shape. Pipes, tubes and profiles are all shapes that are commonly created. Plastic extrusion is therefore particularly useful in creating profiles for a variety of industries. For the purpose of this article, we shall consider the role of plastic extrusion within the plumbing industry.

Plastic has been a popular material within the plumbing industry for many years and particularly for piping and tubing. For example the process of plastic extrusion is used to produce the following products, all of which are commonly used within the plumbing industry.

Barrier Piping
Waste Pipe
Solvent Pipe
Barrier Pipe coil
PVC Adaptor
Soil Systems
Plastic extrusion is also used to create a variety of products within other industries including the medical industry, building industry, automotive industry and many more.

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