Plastic Extrusion in the Motoring Industry

Plastic has an extensive number of uses in various circumstances due to its great properties. In the motoring industry, plastic is used widely in production as there are numerous benefits to using the material.

Some of the benefits of plastic extrusion in the motoring industry are listed below:


Plastic is cheaper than other materials used in the automotive industry, and is therefore favourable in some cases, particularly where the brand is looking to produce more cost-effective models for their target market.


Using plastic when producing a vehicle can reduce the weight of it significantly. Reducing the weight will reduce fuel consumption and lessen the emissions produced, which benefits the environment greatly.

As well as being more environmentally friendly, using lighter materials can often improve the driving experience for the user.

Durable and Strong

Plastic is incredibly hard-wearing and doesn’t corrode as easily as some other popular materials used for producing vehicles, such as metal. Plastic provides strength but also has a certain flexibility to it which prevents a lot of dents and visible scratches on the surface.

Has Multiple Uses

Using plastic in the production of vehicles allows for the freedom of design. Plastic can be shaped into a variety of parts which can lead to appealing aesthetics in several areas.

Plastic can also be made into safety features such as airbags, which are vital for modern cars.


The more plastic that is used in vehicle production, the more opportunities there are to recycle and reuse. So much energy can be saved recycling plastic instead of metal, that is becoming more and more popular in this industry.


Vehicle parts can also be 3D printed using ABS Filament, as mentioned in our last blog post. This is an evolving technology but it is great to see it feature in the motoring industry. ABS is strong and durable which makes it perfect for bumpers and dashboards, amongst many other things.


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