The Use of Plastic in an Office Environment

Office chairs, water coolers, computers, phones, window frames, storage units, filing systems and printers all have two things in common: they are found in an office, and they are made out of plastic.

For those in a 9-5 office job, you might not think of plastic as a commonly used material, yet many will come into contact with it dozens of times a day, maybe without even realising.

Plastic is an incredibly versatile product that can be manufactured in a number of ways to create items for various purposes. For an office environment, the plastics that are used are hard-wearing to survive the daily use, and some are lightweight for ease of use, such as a phone, computer mouse or kettle.

As well as being durable and lightweight, there are many other benefits to using plastic extrusion in an office environment:


  1. Insulation Against Electricity

So many things these days are powered by electricity, but it can be incredibly dangerous for us. As plastic does not conduct electricity, it makes for excellent casing around computers, phones and even around the wires that connects everything to the power source.

  1. Insulation Against Heat

Many appliances and machines can get quite hot during use. As plastic does not conduct heat, the likelihood of a burn occurring is much less when it is used in commonly used goods.

  1. Hygienic

Plastic can be easily cleaned and maintained which makes it perfect for environments with large volumes of people.

  1. Recyclable

When plastic reaches the end of its useful life, it can be recycled. Reducing the impact of plastic on the environment is important for manufacturers and consumers alike.

  1. Repeatable

Plastic can be manufactured repeatedly to the same close tolerances with very little manual labour, making it ideal for mass production applications.



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