Plastic Is Fantastic – Rayda Reveal Common Plastic Uses

At Rayda we use a range of plastic materials to produce our plastic extrusions including; UPVC, Flexible PVC, ABS, HIPS, Polypropylene, TPU and more! Some are soft and malleable, others and hard and durable. We aren’t the only ones that recognise the fantastic benefits of plastic and it is therefore a favourable material choice within many different industries.

Medical industry – Plastic can help protect against contamination and therefore it often a popular material choice. Due to the shape that plastic can form plastic is also used to create tubes and other products needed within a medical environment.

Travel industry – You will find plastic material whether you are in your car or flying in a plane. The light weight properties that plastic possess,  means that it can help reduce fuel usage.

The Home – PVC-U double glazed windows and doors are also evident in nearly all of our homes due to their energy efficiency. Plastic is also used within electrical wiring as it does not conduct electricity.

Plastic is therefore a popular choice due to its versatility and benefits as mentioned above. At Rayda we focus on using plastic for plastic extrusion, and we welcome all industries requiring a custom extrusion to contact us regarding your requirements.

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