Plastic In The Medical Industry

Plastic possesses many great properties that make it a desirable material that can often be used for medical appliances. Here we address some of plastic’s benefits within the medical industry.

Lightweight – this makes the transportation of medical appliances a lot easier.

Tough – It is a strong material that tends to have a long life span. Particularly in such an industry where medical appliances are being transported on a frequent basis, plastic is often a favourable material as it does not break easily.

Flexible – Due to its flexible properties plastic can be extruded into a variety of shapes and can therefore be used for a large range of medical appliances such as containers, pumps, tubing and much more.

Non – toxic – There have been great concerns in the past regarding the safety of certain materials and in particularly the level of toxins that could cause harm to the human body. Plastic is a lead- free material and is considered to be harmless to humans.

Resistant – Plastic is also a good choice of material as it is resistant to the chemicals, gasses, bloods and any other liquids that might be needed to be stored or transferred.

It seems that the introduction of plastic within the medical industry will only continue to expand and develop as huge benefits to human health and safety are being witnessed.


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