How plastic has increased safety in different industries

There are innovations in the plastics industry all the time, this allows the material to be constantly improving and become more and more useful for industries. One of the largest impacts plastic has made is actually in safety and the safety of workers in a lot of industries.

The properties that plastics have are extremely useful for a lot of sectors. Plastics are durable, sustainable, long lasting and even flexible. This allows them to change and shift depending on their intended use. Safety has improved a lot over the years and a majority of this development is down to the innovations of plastics for safety purposes.

One of the industries where plastics has hugely increased safety is in the medical industry, we have written a blog post all about the use of plastics in that industry – you can read our blog post here.


The use of plastics in the sports industry has improved safety to no end. The different properties that the material holds means that it can be used in multiple aspects of safety precautions in the industry. For example, plastics can be rugged and hard which can be used to cover helmets to protect the head and joints. Alternatively, plastics can come in the form of a mouldable, shock-absorbent material – perfect for the safety padding used in a lot of sports.

As you can imagine without plastics sports would be a much more dangerous industry to be in or even to be part of as a leisure activity.


The most apparent and noticeable safety procedure that plastics are used in is smoke detectors. Here at Rayda we actually manufacture and supply the product that Fire Suppression use in their popular laser smoke detector – the VESDA.

Plastic pipes are used to suck the air from the environment, the specialist pipes and fittings allow the VESDA system to take a measurement of the air quality in the laser chamber.

The plastics pipes are vital in this piece of equipment in order to get the air into the chamber without any contamination or issues. To find out more about this product, you can visit their website.


Over the years plastics have improved the safety of every driver, not just people who drive for a living. The whole experience of driving is safer and plastics have helped to increase the chance of survival in accidents.

Innovations are happening all the time in this industry to constantly improve the driver’s and the passenger’s safety.

Some of the most notable uses of this material include all the body panels on a car, seatbelts (usually made from polyester webbing), and the headlights are also made of shatter-resistant plastics and the use of plastic makes the whole vehicle much more lightweight as opposed to using another material such as metal. All of these aspects help to make cars and the roads safer.


Plastic is an extremely popular material to use in the construction world and safety of the workers is one of the main reasons for this. Obviously, plastics holds a lot of great qualities that can be used in construction such as durability, strength and flexibility.

However, the main draw to plastic in this industry is the lightweight nature of the material. This makes it easy for the workers to move around site, lift the piece of material into place and even just to transport. Using plastics in construction is a lot less dangerous and will increase the ease of the building process.

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