Plastic Extrusion and its influence at Christmas

As Christmas rolls around again, seemingly quicker than ever, we prepare ourselves for the festivities, often with a frantic dash to the shops for our last minute shopping for our friends and family. We never even stop to think about the use of plastic as we decorate our impressively realistic artificial trees and wrap our plastic toys and gifts.

So many things that we use at Christmas use plastic and we often just take it for granted. Here is a list of things that you might have overlooked:

Food Packaging: The Christmas meal is a big part of Christmas day in the UK and almost everything that you purchase for it will come in packaging that is made out of plastic. Plastic is a durable material that can withstand moisture and pressure and can be made air-tight to keep food fresher for longer.

Gifts: So many of the gifts we give during the festive season are made of plastic – to name a few: kid’s toys, speakers, mobile phones, cosmetics bottles and packaging, sports equipment and even gift cards. It has become a material that we all use so frequently and many of us may not even realise it.

Gift Wrap: Even some materials that are used for gift wrapping contain plastic, think laminated wrapping paper, ribbons and sticky tape.

Artificial Trees: Artificial Christmas trees are a great way to save money each year as they remove the need to purchase a real one that averages at around £50 each. You can use them time and time again and they stay “fresh” for years.

Decorations: Everything from the Christmas lights to the baubles use plastic in their manufacturing, and as well as this, you may even store all your decorations in a large plastic box as they are durable, sealable and great for stacking.


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