Plastic Recycling Strategy Launched by BPF

Generally, recycling has seen significant improvement in recent years due to increasing environmental concerns. Everyday consumers and manufacturers alike are becoming more mindful of how they dispose of their waste product and materials. As plastics are harder to recycle, the plastic recycling industry has had to develop slower as a result.

According to the British Plastics Federation, only 29% of plastic waste in the UK is recycled.  To encourage plastic recycling in the UK, a new strategy has been launched. Organised by the British Plastics Federation Recycling Group (BPFRG), this industry-led strategy will aim to develop the plastic recycling industry and to keep the valuable plastic within the UK.

Part of this strategy is a split plastic packaging recycling target that is to increase over time. The split is between UK recycling and exporting to avoid UK reprocessing. Also, there has been a call for a grading system for recyclers who use feedstock methods with an aim to produce higher quality recycled material.

By encouraging manufacturers to use recycled plastic in production, the products they make will be easier to recycle as a result. This will, in turn, steer the UK towards a more sustainable future.

At Rayda Plastics, we implement a Zero to Landfill policy in which we reuse as much plastic waste as possible, before sending the rest to Devon Contract Waste who we partner with on a Zero to Landfill service.

For more information about the BPFRG’s new strategy, click here.


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