Plastic Sustainability

As the world’s resources become threatened, sustainability has grown in importance. Plastics is one of the materials that is sustainable when it is produced in a certain way, this allows the plastic to be recycled so that there is little waste.

In addition to plastic’s recyclable properties, interestingly plastic is also thought to be environmentally friendly as it can save energy and helps sustain other goods.

Here are three example of plastic sustainability:

Food Packaging
The plastic extrusion process allows packaging to be produced. This
plastic packaging is very popular in food production. The plastic
packaging that surrounds the food produce often extends the foods shelf
life reducing food wastage. This plastic packaging is then recycled.

As mentioned in previous blog entries. Plastics are commonly used for
guttering around domestic and commercial buildings.

There are certain aircrafts that have been built from reinforced
plastic. This plastic is light meaning that fuel consumption and overall
sustainability of the aircraft is improved.

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