Plastic Uses In The Construction Sector

Plastic is a fundamental material within the construction industry. This blog entry looks at some of the uses plastic has and why its popularity within construction has dramatically increased.

What is plastic used for?


  • Seals- used for sealing a variety of products including doors, valves, bags etc
  • Profiles – common material sourced for doors and windows using PVC-U
  • Channels – often used for sewage drainage.
  • Insulation – help conserve energy by providing a layer that is inserted into walls and roofs.
  • Interior design. – Nowadays we are seeing plastics being used for aesthetic reasons within the home. In addition to this plastic is also considered to be a hygienic surface that can be wiped down.
  • Exterior design – due to plastic’s properties and its ability to be moulded into various shapes, plastic is contributing to some of the leading building designs


Why is plastic used in the construction industry?

  • cost effective
  • low maintenance
  • corrosion resistance
  • strong
  • easy to transport
  • easy installation
  • sustainable

There is huge scope and potential for plastics to help the construction industry develop innovatively and economically, therefore we can only expect its production to increase.

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