Sustainability – Becoming More Environmentally Friendly at Rayda Plastics

Sustainability is not often a word associated with plastic extrusion. Many people have concerns when it comes to plastic and the environment due to it not being biodegradable, which will have a strong negative effect in the long run.

Plastic is incredibly durable, a quality that comes from its manufacturing process, but this durability is the reason plastic remains around for years, taking up a quarter of our landfill waste each year. The average plastic bottle will take around 450 years to fully decompose, and with production occurring at a much higher rate, plastic manufacturing is not sustainable, yet.

Ultimately, the aim for the plastic extrusion industry is to be more environmentally friendly and sustainable by using innovative modern technology and processes in plastic manufacturing.

There are many ways plastic manufacturers can commit to sustainability in the same way that we at Rayda have. We have listed 3 below:


  • Recycle – recycling existing plastics can benefit the environment greatly by reducing the current excess of plastic, lessening the strain on our landfill. We at Rayda have a Zero to Landfill policy. We reuse our own plastic waste and the rest goes out through our partnership with Devon Contract Waste on their Zero to Landfill service.


  • Refine and Reduce – using less materials and energy will refine the manufacturing process itself and reduce the waste output further, which will reduce the strain on the environment as it does so


  • Develop innovative and environmentally friendly plastics – using renewable raw materials, such as plant starch, that are both from a sustainable source as well as being biodegradable. This will really boost the sustainability of plastic manufacturing as well as lessening the quantity of plastic in our landfills


For more information on sustainability, contact Rayda Plastics today.

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