The British Plastics Federation

The BPF (British Plastics Federation) is the UK’s leading trade union for the whole plastics industry, it was established in 1933 and now has over 500 members. They are involved with members from all across the plastics supply chain in the UK and help to address concerns for these members.

They provide a large amount of industry news and resources which can be a great help when navigating this industry. Information on trade shows, seminars and events is all easily accessible on their website.

Their key aims are:

  • Representing a seal of industry approval
  • Providing your customers and suppliers with confidence
  • Differentiating members from others in the industry

The BPF can provide a lot of great information for anybody in the plastics industry so is definitely worth your time to catch up on all the latest industry news and pressing issues in the world of plastics.

The latest news from the British Plastic Federation is that they have joined their European counterpart, ‘The European Plastics Converters Association’. They have joined forces to update a co-authored position paper for the plastic industry’s focus regarding Brexit negotiations, which is said to state the need to eliminate customs and minimise the possible non-tariff barriers. The BPF want to avoid any disturbances of the current plastics trade between the UK and the EU.

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