Typical Plastic Extrusion Products

You probably don’t realise but plastic extrusion is lot closer to you than you realise. If you look around your house, when you’re out at the shops or even at the doctors surgery you will more often than not be surrounded by products that have been created through the plastic extrusion process

Plastic tubes –these are often popular extrusion shapes that have a
multitude of uses. Take a look at the guttering around your house. These
hollow pipes commonly transport liquids. Now think about the straw you
might use to drink your fizzy drinks…. This has also been produced by a
plastic extrusion process but on a much smaller scale.

Solid Plastic – Due to the benefits that plastic possesses, plastic has
become a popular choice particularly for goods like outdoor furniture.
Think about the park bench you sat on recently. This was often a plastic
bench, offering good weather resistance and maintenance free properties.

Plastic Sheeting – now think about the plastic blag that you placed your
food shopping in or the plastic covering that surrounds your apples.
This food packaging has also been produced through the plastic
extrusion process.

As demonstrated here plastic extrusion is therefore integral to the
smooth running of not only industrial operations but also domestic use.

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