UK Manufacturing And Its Benefits

At Rayda we have been manufacturing all of our plastic extrusions in our British Factory since we were founded in 1976. Being UK manufacturers ourselves we have always been hugely supportive of UK manufacturing and strongly believe that as a UK manufacturer we are able to offer some fantastic benefits to our extrusion customers.

We are able to deliver a personal, efficient and professional service tailored precisely to meet your needs from start to finish.

By using manufacturers in the UK there is often a reduced lead time, meaning your required product could be in your hands a lot sooner. As our extrusions are produced on site we can always provide you with accurate and ideal timescales.

Quality is extremely important to us at Rayda, we like to have complete control of the extrusion process so that we know exactly what is going on at all times.

Transportation costs are lowered as there is no shipping fees from overseas, which means you pay a cheaper price.

It seems we are not alone, although we have previously seen an increase in manufacturing moving abroad, there has tended to be a recent resurgence of manufacturing being relocated back to the UK. There has also been a demand for manufacturing to take place in the UK over recent years with more consumers wanting to support local and homegrown business. With a skilled workforce ready and looking for work, why wouldn’t we choose to support our citizens. The current tax relief for those in research and development industries is also applicable to those manufacturers based in the UK, making it even more appealing than before.

The support for manufacturers in the UK is improving and it’s great to see that there is now even a Made In Britain Campaign, designed to help British manufacturers sell more. You can find out more here.


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