UK Plastics Industry Vote AGAINST EU Split

Nearly two thirds of the UK plastics industry have voted in favor of the United Kingdom staying in the European Union.

It was revealed that 62% of BPF members believe that the country should remain currently constituted by the EU, while 16% voted to stay but want changes to be made in the future and only 8% of members feeling that the UK should break away.

Chief Executive of the British Polythene Industries, John Langlands believes that breaking away from the European Union won’t have that much effect on the plastics industry because regardless of the decision, they will be exporting goods to Europe.

Managing Director of Rayda Plastics, Richard Vincent shared his views on the situation. He said: “Rayda is currently doing very well from exports and so I would of course be reluctant to change anything at the moment.

“I am however, disappointed that our Government chose to send out ‘stay in Europe leaflets’, instead of sending out a list of the political Pros and Cons of staying in Europe, to allow the voter to make up their own mind, which is surely the point of having a referendum.”

In recent weeks, the chiefs of two German chemical giants, Bayer and BASF, have called for the United Kingdom to stay within the EU.

The referendum vote takes place on 23rd June.

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