What Is TPU Plastic & What Is It Used For?

pipesThermoplastic polyurethane is a unique type of plastic. Often described as bridging a gap between rubber and plastic, the production of Thermoplastic polyurethane is becoming more and more popular as its properties allow the plastic to be used for a large range of products.

Thermoplastic polyurethane is a block copolymer composed of both hard and soft segments. The soft segments can be either Polyester or Polyether, both of which present a number of benefits:

  • Polyester- Is relatively unaffected by oils and chemicals
  • Polyether-this has low temperature flexibility and has excellent hydrolysis resistance, which means it is perfect for products that need protection from water. It can be added to other plastics to improve their properties for specific uses.
  • It’s flexible properties mean it can be used in cold temperatures when flexibility is important. In general TPU has a strong resistance to impacts, abrasions and tears.


Here are selections of products that Thermoplastic polyurethane is commonly used in:

  •  glass lamination
  •  drive belts
  •  fire hose liner
  •  flexible tubing
  •  film and sheet
  • wire and cable coatings
  •  sporting goods
  •  in-line skates
  •  hydraulic hoses

Image courtesy of Dann Stayskal   CC

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