World Breaking Extrusions – Creation of 1 Mile Toy Race Track

toytrackIn a bid to find “Hot Wheels Best Driver” a world breaking 1 mile toy race car track was constructed at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Constructed in a giant oval, the 4 lane toy track was said to be the longest toy track in history.

The process of extrusion was used to produce the 1 mile long track which comprised of 1,494 straight and curved sections. A plastic mould was used to stretch the extrusion around the form tool in order to create the shape of the curved sections of the track.

The project that was taken on by Alexandra Industries who worked closely with Mattel throughout the process, Alexandra Industries described the project to have brought joy to “many young racing fans during the Indy 500 weekend”.

Quote taken from Alexandria Industries News Room > Press Release

Image Courtesy of John Morgan CC

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